Why Are Basketball Numbers Retired

As a way to honor key contributors including players, coaches, fans, broadcasters and announcers, National Basketball Association (NBA) teams often retire their jersey numbers, win totals or microphones.

Do They Retire Numbers In Basketball?

The number 23 is probably the most iconic in the NBA. However, just six different teams retired the number 23 from their roster. The Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat retired the number 23 in honor of Michael Jordan. Jordan never played for the Miami Heat.

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How Many Numbers Are Retired In Basketball?

Basketball Hall of Fame: Class of 2017 There are nearly 200 retired numbers across the NBA's 30 franchises, ranging from 00 (Robert Parish for the Boston Celtics and Johnny Moore for the San Antonio Spurs) all the way up to 1,223 (Jerry Sloan's coaching win total with the Utah Jazz).

Do Nba Players Keep Their Numbers?

For one, many players keep their college numbers when entering the league. The NCAA has stricter rules regarding the numbers you can wear, not allowing their players any number past #55.

Can A Team Retire A Number?

Teams usually retire numbers to honor an iconic player. We get why nobody is wearing Babe Ruth's number for the Yankees, or why “Mr. Hockey” Gordie Howe was the last Red Wing to don the number nine. A couple numbers, such as Jackie Robinson's, have been retired by an entire league.

What Does It Mean When A Player Retires Their Number?

If a sports team retires a number, it stops using the shirt number worn by a particular player when they stop playing, as a way of honoring them.7 days ago

What Does It Mean When A Player's Number Is Retired?

Retiring the number of an athlete is an honor a team bestows upon a player, usually after the player has left the team, retires from the sport, or dies.

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What Does It Mean If A Number Is Retired?

Retired Sports Numbers When a sports jersey is retired by a team, it means that no future team members get to wear that number (though sometimes exceptions are made in special cases).

What Is A Retired Number In Football?

As with other leagues, once a team retires a player's jersey number, it never issues the number to any other player, unless the player or team explicitly allows it. Since NFL teams began retiring numbers, 139 players have had their jersey number retired.

Why Is Number 32 Retired In The Nba?

Shaq and 31 more athletes with numbers retired by multiple teams. The Miami Heat announced the organization will retire Shaquille O'Neal's jersey -- No. 32 -- during the 2016-17 season, making it the second NBA franchise after the Los Angeles Lakers to raise The Big Aristotle's jersey to the rafters.

Is The Number 13 Retired?

13 is Wilt Chamberlain's retired number, per report - CBSSports.com.

How Many Numbers Are Retired In The Nba?

200 retired numbers

There are almost 200 retired numbers across the NBA. From the 00, numbers wore by Robert Parish with the Boston Celtics and Johnny Moore with the San Antonio Spurs, to the 1,223 Jerry Sloan's coaching win total with the Utah Jazz.

How Many Nba Teams Have No Retired Numbers?

As of 2022, only two teams in the NBA don't have any retired numbers: the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors.

Is The Number 24 Retired In The Nba?

Garnett's No. 5 will be raised to the rafters on Mar. 13 (ET), becoming the 24th jersey retired by the Celtics franchcise. Meanwhile, Allen and Randolph - two legends of the Grizzlies' 'Grit and Grind era' will be the first-ever jerseys retired by the franchise.

Is The Number 22 Retired?

22 is finally retired by Boston Bruins. Greg Wyshynski is ESPN's senior NHL writer.

What Basketball Jerseys Are Retired?

  • ATLANTA HAWKS. 9 Bob Pettit. 17 Ted Turner. ...
  • BOSTON CELTICS. 00 Robert Parish. 1 Walter Brown. ...
  • BROOKLYN NETS. 3 Drazen Petrovic. 4 Wendall Ladner. ...
  • CHARLOTTE HORNETS. 13 Bobby Phills.
  • CHICAGO BULLS. 4 Jerry Sloan. 10 Bob Love. ...
  • CLEVELAND CAVALIERS. 7 Bingo Smith. ...
  • DALLAS MAVERICKS. 4 Derrick Harper.

Who Has The Most Retired Jerseys In Nba?

Wilt Chamberlain, Warriors (13), Lakers (13) and 76ers (13) Wilt Chamberlain is the only player in NBA history to have his jersey retired by three teams. The Golden State Warriors, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers have all retired his jersey.

Is Shaq's Jersey Retired?

It's rare for an NBA player to have his number retired by two teams – by my count it is 12, including Shaq, who of course also had his No. 34 retired by the Lakers, and not including Michael Jordan, who had his No. 23 retired by the Heat for his contributions to basketball.

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