Who's That NBA Player?

Who's That NBA Player?




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Most if not all of the time, we fans admittedly ignore lesser prominent players for obvious reasons. But we must remember that a huge part of the success of NBA superstars is partially due to the efforts made by key role players. A lot of these unknown or underrated players are even multi-awarded champions and All-NBA team members.

Most of us forget that the NBA is the pinnacle of competition in the basketball world. It takes a lot to make it to the NBA. A lot of players sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears just to even get a one-month contract (Yes, these type of deals exist). Not to mention, the international players who leave their families behind in the pursuit of money, glory, or competition that only the NBA can offer. You know you are a true and faithful NBA fan if you give much respect or at least know the names of some of the players this quiz will feature.

Some of these players have been loyal to one team, while others have been jumping team to team non-stop. Some of these players may be considered as underperformers in the NBA, yet shine in the international stage when they compete in either the FIBA or the Olympics.

Don’t worry, this quiz will also feature players who most likely you are familiar with. The quiz will be conducted in four stages namely: easy, medium, hard, and insane. See for yourself and take the test to gauge your knowledge on who do you think the player is or which team he is playing for. Just don’t be like Chuck on Inside the NBA on TNT, where he constantly loses track of the names and teams of obscure players. Go and try out our very own version of “Who he play for?” only this time its “Who be playing?”

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