Find Out Which Current NBA Player You Are!

Find Out Which Current NBA Player You Are!




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The big “What If?” It’s the only “What If” that NBA fans deep down inside ask themselves regularly. More than any GOAT argument, deep down inside fans wish they were in the NBA. We all have dreamed and fantasized about being in the bright lights of Staples Center, The Garden, or the United Center, with the shot clock winding down and the ball in our hands. We all want to be THAT basketball superstar. May it be because we want to be the GOAT, may it be because we want to have all the cameras pointed at us, or may it be even because we just want to posterize the bananas out of someone, we all want to be an NBA player.

At some point in our lives, we cannot deny that we worked towards that goal. Whether practicing your free throws, learning to deliver a step-back jumper, or jumping to increase our hops, we all worked towards it whatever the amount effort put in it may be. The NBA with its richness of talent does not come short of giving us inspirations and role models as to who we dream of becoming. There are the pure and lethal scorers in Kobe and Michael. We also have the GOATs of being an All-Around player such as LeBron, Magic, and Bird. The legends of the post include Shaq, Bill, Wilt, and Kareem. The long bomb sharpshooters such as Steph and Ray. Then there are the pure point guards such as Stockton or Isiah.

With that being said, this quiz focuses on current players instead of legends. Thus, after taking the test you will be prescribed with a current NBA player whom you have a possibility of becoming, as farfetched as it may sound. Why won’t it feature Legends? Well, it’s because we might make a separate quiz for that. But for now let’s see whether you are a Kawhi, a Westbrook, a Harden, a Durant, an AD, a Lillard, or another player. See for yourself and share the results with your friends.

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