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The Ultimate Stephen Curry Quiz




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Stephen Curry is a player who was not necessarily destined for greatness, if you were to look at his earlier career. Despite such, the Ohio native has pulled through with sheer will, dedication, talent, and his faith to become one of the league’s top players and as someone who has arguably changed the landscape of the NBA.

Chef Curry was born in Akron, Ohio (born in the same hospital as LeBron James) to the loving couple Dell and Sonya Curry. Dell Curry was a former NBA player, who taught the sharpshooter we know today, all of the tricks and techniques he used. Curry was met with many challenges earlier in his career. Apart from lacking the size and power which has been favored since the beginning of time, Curry was not displaying huge numbers at the beginning of his hoop days. Although showing promise, high school teams ignored the young Splash Brother as the current landscape of basketball then was focused on the larger guys. Although not being able to display stellar numbers early on, Curry enjoyed his breakout career when he played for Charlotte Christian School.

When he got into college, Curry made sure no one would ignore his play style and talent anymore. He scored 32 in his second game as a freshman under the University of Michigan. After a stellar college career, Curry was picked by Golden State Warriors with the seventh pick during the draft. Small frame and boyish looks aside, Curry displayed excellent skill on the court as he played in the NBA during his rookie career. It was also during this time that Chef Curry was recruited to play for the National Team. Although a big opportunity, it appears this decision would prove to hurt him more than he expected.

Curry sustained an injury on his ankle during practice for the world basketball stage. This injury plagued him for the following two seasons, diminishing his numbers and removing any chance of reaching the post-season. GSW fans already know this, but this proved to be a minor set-back for the whole franchise, as Curry’s injury started a series of events that would signal the rise of the Warriors once more.

As of the writing of this piece, Curry has already enjoyed two championships, with his stellar shooting playing a big part in these two championship runs. Curry is now being dubbed as the greatest shooter to live. This argument is valid. Why? Because the man literally changed the landscape of the league through his playstyle. Curry has helped in the structuring of the now overly spread out play and defense of the NBA. Analysts and Hall of Famers themselves praise for Curry for his skill, his basketball IQ, and his unstoppable long-range bombs. Although the Warriors will not be in the playoff picture for the 2019-2020 season, we await their eventual return to their prime form. And with that, we’re pretty sure that once the next season steps in, Curry will be back to his good old ways of dropping bombs like they’re nothing. As we await his return, why not take this Stephen Curry Quiz to test yourself about how much of the modern day baby-faced-assassin you know?

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