Where Did These NBA Players Go To College?

Where Did These NBA Players Go To College?




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Probably the most overlooked part of an NBA superstar’s career is where they have gone to during their college years. This does not come as a surprise since most stars in recent years did not actually attend college but instead rode into the NBA draft with their high-school hoops resume. Now, this may be true for a select group of naturally talented people such as LeBron and Kobe, but the case can be different for other legends who have graced the NBA hardcourt.

College can be a tough time for athletes. There is a rising pressure to perform better and eventually become a pro in their respective field of sport, while also managing the academic pressures that come along with representing their college or university. For NBA players or hopefuls, college serves them as a do or die stage in their careers. A lot of NBA players past and present found their stride in their college years. A lot also did not succeed as much in college compared to the heights they reached when they entered the NBA.

This is also the stage where many rivalries are born. Magic and Bird found their competitive nature and brotherly love for the game during their many battles in college. This is also the stage where legends such as MJ are born. Amongst the many things that college hoops can do for the game, probably the most amazing thing it has done is bring more and more hype and eyes to the NBA. By the time a promising college hooper (such as Shaq back in his slimmer days) makes his way to NBA, a new market and audience is dragged along with him. That being said, test your college hoop knowledge by taking this quiz and seeing if you truly know your favorite NBA stars.

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