True or False: Michael Jordan Edition

True or False: Michael Jordan Edition




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Michael Jordan, throughout his career, has been the author of many iconic quotes or statements. In the same manner, he has also been a subject of many fake statements. We Michael Jordan fans know fully well that His Airness does not hold back, especially on his insults and challenges. He does not mince words and so do the people that talk about him. Such is the life of someone who has achieved and reached the pinnacle of success business, basketball, and life in general.

We must take note as well that MJ has not only been an icon in the world of basketball but in the world entirely. Thus, it is only natural that controversies, rumors, and misquotations surface in between the heights of his career. His Bulls teammates, and even his baseball colleagues, have been firsthand witnesses to the effects or roots of these statements. But Jordan being Jordan, did not waste time mulling around such things but instead put them to the side or used them as motivation to focus better on his craft.

A running joke after The Last Dance documentary had finished was how Jordan always took offense and consequentially decided to drop 60 points the following game for whatever it was that offended him. Fabricated or not, to Jordan these statements were nothing but fuel to an already raging fire. But in this day and age of fake news and varying opinions ranging from politics to anime preferences, we as Jordan fans should be knowledgeable as to what is true or false when it comes to the GOAT himself. Take this test and find out if you are indeed a Jordan fan. But be careful. If you get most of these wrong, Jordan might decide to take offense and drop 60 on you next.

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