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If you are at least five years of age or have the cognitive ability to read this, then we are pretty sure you have heard the name Michael Jordan before. To say that Michael Jordan is a superstar is a huge understatement. His Airness, as his loyal followers address him, is an icon. Basketball, culture, shoes, social change, global influence, clothing, championships, skill refinement, motivation, tenacity, and heroics. You name it, Michael has either had a hand in it, changed it, had it, developed it, or won it. The succeeding superstars in the NBA look up to him as a god. Most of his peers even address him as Black Jesus.

If you are reading this, then we’re assuming that you are an MJ fan yourself. Well, when you think about it, who isn’t? From celebrities, business leaders, kids, academics, and political leaders; they all hold MJ to a high standard and honor him for being such an influential figure in their lives. Heck, even Barack Obama himself addresses Michael Jordan as the GOAT. The former president of the USA has even said that there is a reason why people call others who excel in their own fields as the “Michael Jordan of…”. MJ was the first to popularize and make global the idea of being the best at something. Ever since then, we all subconsciously use this Jordan standard to see if this certain person is indeed excellent at what he/she does.

For the casual fans out there, here are a few examples to help you grasp how much of a big deal His Airness actually is. MJ’s estimated net worth is over $1 Billion and rising. He is the immortal face of the Air Jordan brand, whose stocks are also considered to rise and continue on until the end of time. The man is a six-time NBA Champion, a six-time Finals MVP, a five-time league MVP, etc. To be honest with you, we could write a book just by listing this man’s achievements. And that would contain no storytelling at all.

Now all of this came with a cost of course. Jordan had to grind night in and night out. His philosophy of being a hero to the fans and giving them all he has every single night has guided him throughout his life, especially during the tough times. This resulted in unparalleled success. From the time he was a rookie towards the tail end of his career, any game that featured MJ felt like a rock concert. If you have watched The Last Dance, you know what we’re talking about. It felt like The Beatles were in town every single night. You see, even as we write this, we recognize that it’ll fall short in talking about the greatness that is Michael Jordan. He is just too great for any write-up to even complete a narrative of his greatness.


With that, we encourage you to take the test, instead of mulling around how much you cannot fathom the greatness of Michael Jordan. Maybe after the short quiz, you’ll get to know more about the man dubbed the name Black Jesus.

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