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If Jordan and Kobe were able to put basketball on the world stage, Lebron was the one who nurtured it. The King has been at his best on and off the court, ever since he started hooping at his hometown of Akron Ohio (fun fact: LeBron was born in the same hospital as Stephen Curry). We’re sure you already know the greatness that resides within this man since you’re already here. Like come on, the man has been the subject of countless rap songs made by artists which include: Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. How’s that for greatness?

Lebron has been able to influence not only generations before and to come, but also the current playstyle of the NBA. The 4x NBA MVP and 3x NBA Champion has been able to bully a change towards how players play the game today. His power and hops have been able to push the league to turn towards pass first and long range guards. Talk about clearing the paint. From being the young backbone of a Cavaliers team in ’03 to ’10 to being part of a game-changing three-man monster team in Miami, to being the prodigal son of Cleveland who earned them a ring for the first time in 52 years, to finally being the centerpiece of a rising dynasty that is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Haters can say what they want to say about The King, but one thing is for sure, the man cannot be stopped. Just like his predecessors, Lebron is pushing boundaries in and out of the court. Starting a school for the underprivileged, pushing for social change, and creating camaraderie within the league with regards to the rights of players and staff alike.

As of today, James’ career is being considered to be near its eventual end. Yet, as it stands, not a lot of so-called Lebron fans know about who the future Hall of Famer truly is. So for that, we have a LeBron James quiz for you to test your knowledge. Click the start button below and find out if you are really the fan you think you are. Who knows? Maybe you come out of this knowing more about Lebron than you do now.

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