How Well Do You Know Kawhi Leonard?

How Well Do You Know Kawhi Leonard?




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Kawhi “The Klaw” Leonard is one of the NBA’s top talents right now. Before establishing himself with the Clippers as a championship contender, the two-time NBA-Finals MVP has already wreaked havoc and terrorized the offense of different teams since his debut. But Kawhi was not always known to be such a force that he is now. Leonard’s life started in Los Angeles, California. He is the last of five kids born to Kim and Mark Leonard.

The Klaw has faced challenges early on in his life before he ever step foot in the court. At age 17, he lost his father because of murder. That event set a fire in Leonard to strive to be the best he could and to become somebody. Because of this drive, Kawhi has been able to rack up achievements left and right since his college career. As it stands right now, Kawhi is currently estimated to have a net worth of over $40 million USD. But all the flashy stuff aside, Kawhi is actually a very reserved person. Fans of him are no stranger to this aspect of The Klaw’s life. He often expressed his dislike for the media and distances himself by living a private life.

In a world full of call-outs and players flashing their wealth or status on different platforms, Kawhi is a man who exemplifies sportsmanship by being focused and allowing himself to live a life outside the limelight. Despite such a disposition, Kawhi has not been exempted from issues plaguing athletes. He has been dragged into court due to an issue with the usage of his logo. He is also the subject of many trade rumors, as teams are constantly on the prowl to acquire such a rare talent that Kawhi has. His game often reminds us of a young Scottie Pippen. Even though, Scottie himself has squashed comparisons by saying Kawhi is way better than him since Leonard is more physically gifted. Along with conversations such as these, comes talks about dream match-ups. The Klaw is often considered by most analysts to have the best chance of containing and defending his Airness, Michael Jordan, during his prime. But then again, all of these conversations are just to fuel fantasies we all have in our heads of our favorite players.

All of these rumors, praises, and fantasy matchups aside, Kawhi is one of the best and is for sure a future Hall of Famer. The man has brought championships to the San Antonio Spurs and the Toronto Raptors, and on both occasions has also been named Finals MVP. This two-time NBA Champion has a lot left in his tank and will continue to dominate the league. We shall now await what his fate with the Clippers will be.


Test your knowledge about The Klaw, if you are indeed a fan of his, and let’s see how much you know about him!

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