How Much Body Fat Does LeBron James Have?

How Much Body Fat Does LeBron James Have?

The King’s basketball excellence is something we have all witnessed. His skill, dominance, and tenacity for the game is no mystery to us basketball fans as well as to his trainers, coaches, and teammates. At 35 years old, age doesn’t seem to be holding LeBron back as he’s still one of the best NBA players in the league. He still looks as explosive and strong as ever. But what does it take to have such a physique like Lebron? Sure, it’s also no mystery how much time and money James puts into taking care of his body. But has someone ever determined how much muscle and body fat the King truly has?

Using body fat percentage categories as a guide, 6-17% is the classification for which most athletes fall under. As you can see from the following pictures, these are athletes that have a body fat percentage of 6%-9%.

For athletes in this range, muscles don’t have to be the largest in the room, but rather are the most defined and you can see where each muscle starts and ends. Veins are not only visible on the arms, but also throughout the body. This physical condition is very hard to maintain. Most fitness models and lean weight lifters are within this range.

The pictures below show a body fat percentage of 10-14%.

For bodies in this range, muscles are still separated, but not as well defined. Veins are visible mostly in the arms. Comparing LeBron’s body, both are very visually similar. Therefore, LeBron has 10-14% body fat. This is an ideal range for LeBron because he can’t be too lean and light. He still needs to be heavy and strong enough to handle the physical nature of the game and not get pushed around.

Please note that the body fat percentage of LeBron is highly speculatory. No one knows his true body fat percentage, except himself and maybe his trainers. We solely went off of recent pictures of LeBron and compared them to athletes of known body fat percentages.

But now you’re wondering, “How does LeBron maintain this peak physical condition at age 35?!”. Well, it all comes down to his diet and workouts.


For Lebron James, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if we come to know that he rarely consumes any sugar, carbohydrates, or dairy. Back in 2014, Lebron was revealed to have subscribed to a paleo diet. This diet is common among athletes as it helps them build mass, shred weight, and train continuously without sacrificing nutrient consumption. But like anything else, could cause problems if not observed properly. It could be remembered that photos of a skinny Lebron James surfaced back in 2014, which caused concern not only for fans but also for teammates.

Since then, various sources and trainers have noted that the King has focused on building his body by regularly consuming from all food groups at a controlled pace. This equates to fifty percent of the reason why Lebron looks like the way he is now. I mean, come on. At his age, the man looks younger than most NBA players younger than him. Probably, the paleo diet was a decision the King made to shred unnecessary fat (an outcome most subscribers of this diet aim for) and later build his body again. But this time, with brute and pure muscle.


A ton of people have been speculating online as to what could be the workout routine of such a beast. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know the secret behind it right? But be careful because Lebron’s workout routine is not for the faint of heart, or more specifically, not for anyone except Lebron James.

Without even having to know every detail of his workout, I can definitely say that Lebron sticks to strength, stamina, and endurance-based workout. As a basketball player, stamina and endurance are two key factors for players whatever position they may be in. But for Lebron James, the case is way different. Being a man who plays all the positions and absorbs contact from literally all places of the court, Lebron must be putting his body through constant stress and pressure in order to build a physique that meets the demands of a player of his caliber. However, when it comes to his strength conditioning a lot of trainers have been confirming what we see often on the IG stories. Lebron lifts and he lifts big. What is fascinating here is not how much he is lifting, but instead the pace he is going at despite his age. And do it on a regular basis to provide stellar numbers on the court is nothing but amazing.


Having said all of that, LeBron has a body fat percentage of 10-14% which is an ideal range for a basketball player of his age. As he grows older, his playstyle will rely less on agility and quickness and move more towards using his size to break and wear down the defense down low and his basketball IQ to outsmart his opponents. And as his career progresses, Lebron’s strict diet and workout plan are increasingly important.

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