How Do Arenas Switch From Hockey To Basketball

When it's time to convert an ice hockey rink to a basketball court, the walls and glass panels around the rink are removed. Then large pieces of insulated plywood are laid out over the top of the ice. Finally the basketball court is pieced together like a puzzle on top of the plywood.

How Long Does It Take To Change An Arena From Hockey To Basketball?

If you think it sounds like a lot of work to convert an ice hockey rink to a basketball court and back again, you're right. Depending upon the technology used and the workforce available, the transition can take dozens of workers as few as 90 minutes or just a few workers an entire day to complete.

How Do Hockey And Basketball Teams Share Arenas?

North American indoor arenas commonly feature basketball and ice hockey teams sharing the facility during their common fall-to-spring season; a layer of insulation and a basketball floor can easily be laid over or removed from the hockey rink, and dasherboards disassembled or reconfigured, in a matter of hours.

How Does Td Garden Switch From Hockey To Basketball?

When it comes time to switch to basketball, workers lay interlocking mats made from rubber or a fiberglass-foam composite over the ice. (Photos below from Boston's TD Garden.) On top of that they lay deck boards topped with basketball-ready parquet.

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How Long Does It Take To Convert Td Garden?

Yup. The TD Garden crew is ready to change over from hockey to the famous Celtic parquet in just a few hours. It's called a "strike" and the TD crew strike record is 2 hours and 7 minutes.

How Does The Wells Fargo Center Switch From Hockey To Basketball?

It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to change the floor of the Wells Fargo Center from ice hockey to basketball. A 35-member crew covers the ice with 550 sheets of Ice Pro, removes 156 sheets of hockey glass, and then installs two 120'x20' nets and builds a 225-piece basketball court with 900 screws.

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Do The Flyers And Sixers Play In The Same Arena?

The Wells Fargo Center, one of the busiest arenas in the world, is home of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, and the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League.

How Do They Change Arena Floors?

  • Remove the Old Floor. Typically, facility crews begin by removing goals and any courtside rails, accessories, or seating. ...
  • Install the Subflooring. ...
  • Place the New Floor.

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How Do Arenas Change Basketball Floors?

To convert the rink to the court, the walls and glass panels are removed, then special insulated plywood is laid out over the entire ice surface and the hardwood of the basketball floor is pieced together atop the plywood. This special plywood manages to keep the basketball court warm and the ice cool at the same time.

How Do They Change The Colors On A Basketball Court?

"Whenever we do a stencil, painting the outline is first, and then we just work different colors one at a time," he explains. So the white was painted, and, once dry, the areas were cut out for the gray paint. Each color had at least two coats of paint.

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