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At this point in NBA History, it is for certain that LeBron James has etched his name in history as one of the greatest to ever do it. No matter what you say about him, no matter what you think about his career so far, no matter what your opinion of him, one thing is for sure: LeBron is a living legend. Why do we say such with ease? Well it’s because it is true. LeBron, at his age, is performing basketball feats that even the young athletic players today struggle to do. His runs for an NBA Championships are all but historic, whether he was able to capture the gold or not. His stellar performances during the regular season, making sure that fans get what they paid for, is one of the things you can undeniably love about the King. 

Even to non-basketball fans, LeBron James has become such a huge figure in the sense that he has reached beyond the borders of the basketball court. LeBron has continuously given back to his community and the people that helped him along the way. He extends this charity even to strangers by fully supporting different non-profit organizations that support the well-being of young kids growing up worldwide.

Not only has he conquered the basketball court, but also the world of business. LeBron is an owner, co-owner, and stakeholder of multiple businesses and organizations worldwide. He even has a minority stakeholder position for the English Premiere League’s Liverpool.

Let’s have a brief recap of who LeBron was before getting into the NBA.

LeBron Raymone James Sr. was born in December 30, 1984. He picked up a ball at a very young age and fell in love with the game. Even before his high-school days, LeBron was already turning heads due to his athleticism and freakish size considering his age then.

When The King got up to high-school, he attended St. Vincent-St Mary. Their basketball team was named The Fighting Irish. Alongside LeBron on this team were his close friends Dru Joyce III, Sian Cotton, Willie McGee, and Romeo Travis. They were a young team filled with expectations, especially considering that The Chosen one was there. Boy they did not disappoint. During his freshman years, Lebron averaged 21 points and 6 rebounds. The team recorded 27-0 record on their way to the Division III Championship. This record had made them the only high-school team in Ohio to ever finish a season with an undefeated record.

For his sophomore year, LeBron improved his stats by recording an average of 25.2 points, 7.2 rebounds with 5.8 assists. Crazy numbers for someone under 20 right? Anyways LeBron, alongside his teammates continued what they did best despite now having a 26-1 record. A loss shy of their previous season’s record.

Some key events that took place during his first two years were how people flocked to see LeBron play. He carried a lot of expectations on his back even before he got to the NBA. One evidence of LeBron’s rising stardom even before his NBA career was how their team played at the University of Akron, which houses 5,492 seats at the Rhodes Arena, just to satisfy ticket demands from people who just want to see LeBron. Later in his sophomore year, LeBron was named Mr. Ohio Basketball and was selected to the USA Today All-USA First Team, becoming the first sophomore ever to do it; which he also did during his junior year.

LeBron continued on this trend as he was featured in Slam for his junior year. He also appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, becoming the only high school basketball to do so. It was at this time when James tried to enter the NBA Draft by petitioning a rule-change. Unsuccessful in his petitions, LeBron marched onward to his last year of high school.

During his senior year, Lebron along with The Fighting Irish, toured the whole country to play nationally ranked teams. ESPN even televised a game they had against Oak Hill. Time Warner, seeing the potential in revenue, decided to televise St. Vincent –St Mary’s games to their subscriber’s on a pay-per-view basis. LeBron was focused on winning for his team and performing to the best of his capabilities. In total, LeBron led SVSM High School to three state championships in four years. Quite a feat indeed.

Just to add, LeBron also got his first deal with Nike even before his NBA Debut. As a high-school student, LeBron was already able to sign a $90m deal with Nike. Talk about big money.

That being said here is a quiz we have prepared for fans out there to test your knowledge. Let’s see if you’re truly a LeBron fan as this quiz focuses more on his high-school career. Click the button above to start the High School LeBron Quiz and test yourself.

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