Build Your NBA Dream Team And This Quiz Will Guess Your Age

Build Your NBA Dream Team And This Quiz Will Guess Your Age




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If the 2010s of the NBA could be described in one word. It would automatically be the word “Superteam”. In the past years, we have seen “superteams” being formed left and right, some of which resulted in championships while others ended up being as another case of bad chemistry. Whether you deny it or not, the NBA is full of talent and players that can and will be shuffled around. On some occasions, players tend to stay on one team and remain loyal to their fans. But in this day and age of trades and ring-chasing, it is impossible to think that a player will never move teams.

That being said, we all in our own fantasies have conjured up different super teams or dream teams that we believe will be the best combinations to win a championship. Whether you wished for the reuniting of Kobe and Shaq to achieve more rings or you just wish that LeBron and Paul finally became teammates for the sake of a long-long friendship, you know that there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing great talent come together.

Probably the best version of the concept of a dream team was the team that was actually dubbed as THE Dream Team. For all NBA fans, we all know that an actual Dream Team existed. The team consisted of Christian Laettner, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Bird, Magic, Pippen, MJ, Clyde the Glyde, The Mailman, John Stockton, Chris Mullin, and Sir Charles. This was and is up to now believed as the best superteam ever put together, especially for the older generation.

Now for this quiz, you get to build your own dream team. The twist is, we are going to guess which age group you belong to judging from your choices. Go and try out our quiz now and we’ll do our best to guess how old you are!

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