Identify The All-Time Leading Scorers For Each NBA Franchise

The best thing about the NBA for us is that talent is spread out and sprouts in different environments. Well admittedly, the league’s talent was somewhat monopolized quite a bit in recent times. But the general truth about the NBA is that every team has an equal number of opportunities to score a great player, particularly a natural-born scorer who just can’t miss. No team is going to pass that up.

As records continue to be broken on a daily basis in the league, one record stands amongst the most prestigious of them all. That is the record of being an all-time leading scorer for an NBA team. Yes, there are the usual and supreme accolades of becoming an MVP, Rookie of the Year, Finals MVP, and NBA Champion. But the added glory and legendary myth brought about by being an all-time leading scorer for a team is something that cements one’s legacy.

Sometimes we as fans brush it to the side as another record that is meant to be broken. Little do we know that some of the all-time leading scorers per team records are unbroken since the 70s or 80s. Banners will rise and MVPs will be crowned, but there is an unparalleled glory that comes from being an all-time leading scorer for a team. Whether the player has left and gone to another team or, even better, has stayed and become a franchise player and hero, the title of an all-time leading scorer for a team will surely put you amongst the greats.

This quiz will test your knowledge about who the best and leading scorers of each NBA team are. So before taking this, make sure you are updated about the records of each NBA team. That being said, start now and test your basketball knowledge!




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